Parador Granada Activities

Parador Granada Activities

What to do while staying at the Parador Granada? First and foremost, of course, is the UNESCO World Heritage Site – the Alhambra.

– Spend as much time as possible in the Alhambra – it is a once-in-a-lifetime experience (even if you go back many times!).  We suggest that you try to go at least twice while you are visiting the Parador Granada – after all, you will be staying right there inside the Alhambra grounds with all the wonderful palaces and gardens close at hand.  Best might be to do one long session in the day, and one shorter session at night after the lights have been turned on to illuminate the grand monuments. It is a thrilling and unforgettable experience.

Situated at the base of the Sierra Nevada mountain range, the grand old city of Granada (dating from the 8th century B.C.!) has much of interest as well.

– One should wander through the the Albacin. Getting lost in this ancient maze of narrow, serpentine alleyways makes for a great afternoon. The Alhambra looms higher on the plateau above, there are neat little cafes, and shops at every turn, and the architecture has changed but little in the last few centuries.

– The famous Sacramonte in the Valparaiso area is a prime tourist destination – with an emphasis on “tourist.”  But even though the offerings – flamenco performances in whitewashed caves, typical little restaurants, gypsies selling their goods, curio shops of all kinds – are a bit over-the-top touristy . . . its good fun, and you’ll come away with great photos. The catacombs and old Abbey complex there are of historical interest.

– The cathedral shouldn’t be missed. The structure was initiated in the early 16th century over the site of what was previously a grand mosque. Its full construction spanned around 175 years (!) so its architectural style is a mixture of Gothic, Renaissance, and Baroque.

– The Royal chapel is another interesting site. The Royal Monarchs created a decree while still living – that no matter where their deaths should occur – they were to be entombed here in this royal sacristy. And so they were, and there they remain. There is a fascinating museum here as well.

– The Charter House is a group of monastic buildings constructed over the span of 300 years. They are fascinating for anyone with a fondness for either history or architecture. The tabernacle and its incredible frescoes are wonderful.

– Granada’s parks are famous and numerous. If you have a few days in the city, and enjoy walking, below is a list of those most well-known (any taxi driver will know where to go if you need to get to or from);

  • The gardens of the Alhambra, and Generalife (of course!)
  • Campo del Príncipe Gardens
  • Gardens of the Royal Hospital
  • Gardens of Paseo del Salón and of la Bomba
  • Gardens of the Triumph
  • Gardens of Violón
  • The Córdoba Gardens Palace
  • Zaidín Park
  • Plaza de la Trinidad
  • 28 de Febrero Park
  • Almunia de Aynadamar Park
  • Federico García Lorca Park
  • Fuente Nueva University Park


– If you have a vehicle, a drive up into the Sierra Nevada, and the Alpujarra district makes for a very enjoyable day trip. The scenery is outstanding, the villages remain very “typical” and somewhat off the normal tourist path. Buy some of the locally made cheeses and cured ham, a bottle of good Spanish wine – and find a beautiful spot for a picnic (they are around every turn!). You’ll likely be very reluctant to leave to return back down to the city!

Experiencing any or all of the above activities while staying at the Parador Granada will assure you of never-to-be-forgotten memories – and a fine time will be had by all.


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